Our Goal

Expand your legal knowledge . Earn your attorney credits by purchasing Janalink.com’s on-demand MCLE classes. Online MCLE too often is a lackluster affair with little production value to make the offering interesting. Janalink.com was born out of this need for a more engaging style of on-demand MCLE.  Take a look at what we have to offer,  Interesting and  engaging  host, leaders in their fields, paired with the sharpest legal minds, to bring you the finest MCLE.  So, whether you’re looking for New York MCLE, California MCLE, Louisiana MCLE or you’re seeking attorney credits in any of the fifty states, Canada or Puerto Rico, select Janalink.com for all of your MCLE needs. Let us help you embark upon a new way of engaging your senses when it comes to MCLE classes.

Our Values

We work hard everyday to make Janalink.com the leading provider of the most interesting on-demand continuing legal education available.  Our goal is to be the provider of classes that you recommend to family, friends and colleagues.

Our Story

Janalink.com was born out of the need for a more engaging style of MCLE.  The solution, classes with high production value hosted by the most intriguing people, paired with the finest legal minds available.